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Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti

What to have when a little something sweet will hit the mark… Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti is the solution. Pair with coffee, tea, prosecco, grappa, other spirits, or enjoy just the naked Biscotti. The deliciousness is in the taste and the size. Bellicchi’s Best is smaller or larger than other Biscotti and it’s crunchy – perfect for dunking and snacking. Each bite offers a different taste — a burst of chocolate, crunch of an almond, the richness of a macadamia nut…

We bake six Biscotti flavors:

Almond Fennel Orange – traditional and gluten free product
Cocoa Nibs – traditional and gluten free
White Chocolate Macadamia Lemon
Johnny Cranberry – The New England Biscotti

Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti supports the Alzheimer’s Foundation with monthly contributions through early diagnosis and care giver support.

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