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Dinner Dealer


Not only do we love dining out . . . we want to showcase our favorite local restaurants. Take a culinary tour of the North Shore while saving a few bucks with your Dinner Dealer deck of cards. The math is simple . . . 1 deck of cards + 65 popular restaurants = Over $600 in awesome savings (and priceless memories made with loved ones).

Huzzah! Our  2017 decks will be at North Shore Food + Gift Emporium . . . making one seriously awesome stocking stuffer.

Dinner Dealer is a local business created by Jessica Brand (co-founder of the North Shore Food + Gift Emporium) on her MacBook Pro, in her Salem home office—and sometimes her kitchen table. And yes, she designed all of the branding and marketing as well. That’s what you get with a graphic designer who love to dine out!

“Food tastes better when shared together . . . and when it’s local.” —Jessica

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