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Cocoa Santé

All natural instant hot chocolate with flavors inspired by cocoa’s rich history. Their philosophy in their own words, “Our hot cocoa is a treat. We at Cocoa Santé believe that treats are good! – provided they are consumed in moderation. In our houses, we make sure that our kids and ourselves are conscious about our sugars – if we’re going to have hot chocolate (of course!) we are not going to have ice cream.

Our diet philosophy is simple – unless there is a specific concern, everything in moderation! Balance is key. With an otherwise healthy diet, we believe a low calorie, low fat treat with high quality ingredients is an okay addition. In Cocoa Santé’s case, our treat even comes with antioxidants, protein and calcium. In our houses, there is no substitute for a yummy hot cocoa after a good workout, a long day in the snow or woods, or a hard day of work or school. So go ahead – mix, whisk, enjoy!”

Portrait of Jen and Shannon by Michael Piazza

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